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Great Anti-Theft Accessories That Can Improve Your Older Car's Security

If you have an older car, it may not have a lot of the safety features that cars today have. This leaves you susceptible to theft. You can make your car more secure, though, thanks to these things:

Transponder Key

One of the best ways to improve your older car's security is to utilize a transponder key. Car key replacement companies can set up a transponder in your car. After it is set up, you will be given a transponder key. There's a small microchip inside this key. So when you go to use your key, a signal is sent to your vehicle's transponder. This unlocks your vehicle.

Transponder keys utilize unique codes, so they can never be duplicated. You never have to worry about someone copying your keys and stealing your car. Security systems also come with your transponder, so if an unauthorized entry happens, a loud alarm will sound.

Automatic Steering Wheel Lock

Another way you can make your car more secure is to put an automatic steering wheel lock on your steering wheel. If a person breaks into your car and hot wires it, they can't maneuver the steering wheel. These steering wheel locks are made out of heavy-duty steel, which is cut-proof.

These locks also are usually coated in a bright yellow or red, and have reflective accents on the side. This makes them visible from a distance. So strangers coming up to your car can see them easily and know that your car is not capable of being stolen.

What makes these steering wheel locks truly unique is that they are easy to set up. After lining the lock up in the steering wheel, simply twist both sides. The lock will extend and lock in place.

Security Window Tint

Security window tint also acts as a good anti-theft measure. This type of tint is extremely dark, so people coming up to your car are not going to be able to see what's inside. Then, the chances of them breaking into your car drastically go down.

Some of the security window tint today has adhesive properties. This property helps hold glass in place. So if your windows are hit with an object, they are not going to shatter all over the place. This makes it difficult for robbers to break through your windows, and it will cost them time.

When you get help from a window tinting company, they can use specialized computers that design and print off tint for your windows with the right dimensions. This ensures the tint fits to perfection.

Having an older car may not be ideal because in terms of security, it may be lacking certain features. However, thanks to the things above, you can enhance your car's security. 

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