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Why You May Need A Locksmith For Your Business

Changing the locks on your home or business is not terribly hard but if you have an expensive or a commercial quality lockset that you don't want to have to spend a lot of money replacing, calling a locksmith to fix any issues you have might be a better option. Locksmiths repair locks but there are other things they can do for you as well. Here are a few things you may want to call a locksmith for rather than replacing the locks altogether.

Damage To An Expensive Commercial Lock

Commercial lock sets are much more expensive than the ones sold at many local home centers. They often come with heavier cylinders, more features to avoid them being tampered with, and the ability to have some parts replaced without changing the entire assembly. If you have a commercial lockset on a door that has been damaged or had something shoved in it, you may need to have a locksmith come out and replace the cylinder for you. They can quickly remove the old one, replace it with a new one, and often rekey the new cylinder to your old key so you don't need to give out new keys to employees that may have one. It may cost you a little more money to get the locksmith out there, but in the end, the repair is probably going to be cheaper than replacing an entire commercial lockset.    

Making New Keys

One of the jobs that a locksmith can do is to make new keys for your lockset. While you can have a key copied at a local hardware store or home center, if you lost the only key, a locksmith can come out and make a key to fit the existing lock in many cases. They will disassemble the cylinder to get the tumbler combination needed but a good locksmith can then make a key to fit the door without having an original to start with. In cases where replacing the lockset is not an option, this might be the best solution.

Rekeying To Match

If you are having new doors and locksets installed in a business or commercial building, it might be worth it to have a locksmith come and set the locks up so that one key opens all the doors. Having the front and rear entrance to your business on the same key makes it easier to get in and out for you and your employees, and you don't have to give them multiple keys to the space. If you have employees that open and close the business on a regular basis, this can save time and cost as you won't have to make multiple keys for each person when they are issued a key. If a key is lost and the locks need to be changed, it will mean changing all of them so you will have to decide if it is worth the risk of that, but the convenience of one key for the entire business might make it worth it in the long run.

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