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Protect Your Business With An Access Control System

Businesses and institutions need to keep their facilities as well as their data secure. They also have a responsibility to keep both their employees and customers safe. With the use of technology and access control systems, businesses are more secure than ever. Here is a look at what an access control system is and how it can help your business.

What Is An Access Control System? 

An access control system will allow or disallow entry into a facility, specific rooms, and computers and their various programs. This is usually done based on the credentials a person has been given.

What Types Of Access Control Systems Are Available?

The most common type of access control system uses cards and card readers. Every door will be fitted with a card reader. Based on the credentials of the card, the door will either open or remain locked. This is similar to hotel rooms, where rather than a key, a customer is given a card that has been set to open only the room they have rented. Other types of access control systems use facial recognition or scan a fingerprint to determine access.

How Are Access Control Systems Better Than Traditional Keys?

While a small business with only a few employees can get by with giving their employees a key to enter the building or specific rooms, keys are not without caveats. Employees can lose keys. They can also duplicate keys, which may fall into the hands of the wrong person. If an employee quits or is fired, they may not always give back their keys right away, potentially putting your business at risk of a disgruntled employee. This can mean having to waste money getting locks changed and handing out new keys. With a card reader or other digital access control system, cards or user profiles can be quickly deactivated, or the permissions changed.

How Does An Access Control System Protect Your Business?

Most large companies have many departments. Most employees need access only to the building, their department, and common areas, such as the lunch room, restrooms, and meeting rooms. With an access control system, you won't have to worry about unauthorized entry into areas an employee or visitor doesn't need to be. For example, the information technology department, where the computer servers and sensitive data are stored, can be better protected with an access control system. Only those with the proper security clearance and credentials will be able to enter.

An access control system will also provide a digital footprint of your employees' movement. With the touch of a button, you can see what time someone clocked in or out. If something has gone missing, you can see who was in a specific area at a specific time. For example, hospitals have locked rooms where drugs are stored. With an access control system, an administrator can see who accessed the room. These systems can also be used in conjunction with security cameras as well as computers and program or data access. 

How Does An Access Control System Protect People?

In the event of an emergency, such as an active shooter, some or all doors can be immediately locked, preventing entry or exit. Having an access control system in place can potentially save lives and even lock in the perpetrator until law enforcement arrives.

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