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3 Ways A Commercial Locksmith Is Different From A Residential Locksmith

While all doors serve the same purpose, not all locks are built the same. So, when a commercial property owner wants to find a secure lock for their business premises, they will settle for a different lock compared to one that a residential homeowner might need. The difference in locks creates the need for specialization among locksmiths. Here are three main distinctions between a commercial and residential locksmith.

1. The Technology Each Uses

There is a slight difference in the job description of commercial and residential locksmiths. Commercial locksmiths handle complicated lock and key tasks. The majority of commercial locks need the locksmith to cut through the door and fit them. Thus, commercial locksmiths need appropriate tools and state-of-the-art technology for their work.

Additionally, commercial locksmiths can help install digital locks or master key systems other than changing locks, cutting new keys, and repairing service locks. A residential locksmith, on the other hand, handles easier tasks that do not need up-to-date technology. Therefore, there is a distinction in the level of technology each uses.

2. Skills for the Job

There are different types of locks. So, although both undergo basic training to become locksmiths, commercial locksmiths need to acquire more skills to service different locks. A commercial locksmith can install or service locks that need keys, fingerprints, or cards.

In comparison, a residential locksmith can excel with basic training since their job is less complicated. While a commercial locksmith needs to have knowledge and skills in commercial safes, vaults, and filing cabinets, a residential locksmith should have basic skills like manual dexterity.

3. Ability to Deal with Different Locks 

Although all locks are put in place to heighten security, different locks can withstand different demands. A business premise is expected to have high traffic compared to a residential home; thus, locks in commercial property should meet this demand and standards.

A residential locksmith is adapted to working on Grade 3 locks common in residential property. In comparison, commercial locksmiths are skilled in handling higher grade locks like grade 2 or grade 1. These locks are mostly used in commercial spaces like apartments and stores.

Which Locksmith Do You Need?

Like other professions where people specialize after gaining basic knowledge, locksmiths specialize in offering their services either to residential or commercial properties. Although both are well trained to offer lock and key services to keep your property safe, they have significant differences, as outlined above. So, always hire a residential or commercial locksmith depending on your needs for the best services.

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