Choosing A Better Safe

5 Drawbacks Of Biometric Access Controls For Gun Safes

When it comes to keeping your family safe and protecting your favorite firearms from burglars, you likely want to use the most technologically advanced equipment to secure your guns. However, choosing safes outfitted with the wrong kind of electronic access control could put everyone at more risk rather than less. Biometric locks, such as those unlocked by a fingerprint or palm print, have five specific drawbacks when used for home gun control when compared to other types of safe locks. Read More 

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Choosing A Better Safe

I have always loved to hunt, which is one of the reasons that I have invested in a great gun safe. I didn't used to have a safe, which caused safety concerns with our children. I knew that I wanted to find a safe that would protect my kids from playing with my weapons, that would be easy to access if I needed to find a weapon fast, and that would stay strong for the long haul. After talking with some professional safe and key experts, I was able to find the perfect addition to our home. This blog is all about choosing an excellent safe for your place.



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