Choosing A Better Safe

Avoid The Hassles Of A Lockout

Being locked out, either of your home or your car, is such a hassle. But luckily, you can prevent a lot of the work that comes with being locked out. Here are some ideas.

Use Electronic Locks

You can avoid a lot of the problems that come with home lockouts by installing electronic locks. This way, you can't lose your key. You would use a pin code to enter your home instead. Of course, you can forget your password. But if you do, you would be able to verify your identity with your lock system company and they can help you reset your locks. Still, the chances of being locked out go down significantly. And there is no more needing to get your locks redone whenever a member of the family misplaces a key.

Keep Spare Keys

You could also keep spare keys for car key replacement and your home key alternatives. Keep a spare key to your home inside your car, and keep a second car key in your home. Hopefully, you don't lose the keys to both at the same time, but if you do, you will only need to get one of them unlocked to get the spare key to the other. And keeping a house key stored in your car is much safer than storing the spare key in an obvious place, such as behind a fake rock or under a doormat.

Have an Alternate Entry Plan

You could create an alternate entry plan for your home. That might be an access door in your garage, for instance. When you are locked out of the main door, you will still have another entry option to try. For cars, you might want to have an auto-specific lock pick available at your home to try if you can't locate a key. That may not help you, though, if you are stranded away from your home.

Know Who to Call

Figure out ahead of time which locksmith services you would call if you have a problem. It will save you some time when you find yourself in a lockout situation and don't want to have to research companies on the spot. Some locksmiths can cater to home lockouts and car key replacement; they may travel to your vehicle and open the car on the spot. Be sure to check that you are within the company's service range and, if applicable, that they are available 24/7 to help you out of a difficult situation. Look into companies like Johnny Locksmith.

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Choosing A Better Safe

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