Choosing A Better Safe

Tips For 24-Hour Home Security

Home security is something that's always on a homeowner's mind. It's one thing to have good security when you're awake and at home; late night intrusions are harder to prevent. Here are a few tips from about how to ensure that your home will remain intruder free at any hour of the day.    Get a big dog Dogs usually protect your house, since they are territorial and when they feel any danger, they also feel the urge to react. Read More 

Safe And Lock Ratings

Most businesses have a safe to protect money, paperwork, and other valuables at the workplace. Before buying a safe, you should have a basic understanding of the ratings of safes and locks. Safes are rated for their burglary protection and their fire protection. Locks are rated based on the amount of resistance it will provide against someone trying to break into it.  Understanding Safe Ratings Generally speaking, there are two types of safes: burglary safes and fire safes. Read More 

How Do You Get Into A Car Trunk That Won’t Open?

Sometimes it happens. You arrive home from shopping and step out of your car. You try to open your trunk to get your groceries out; nothing. The trunk door just won't open. What do you do now? Your car trunk can get stuck, you can lose your key or the lock may be broken. From Outside The first step is to try opening the trunk using your trunk remote if you have one. Read More 

Is Keyless Entry A Smart Choice For Your Home?

Many homeowners have made the switch from manual lock and keys to keyless entry. However, some homeowners have been hesitant to give up their keys because they are unsure if keyless entry is right for their home. If you are on the fence about your home's security, here is what you need to know. Why Should You Choose Keyless Entry? Keyless entry has several advantages over a manual lock and key, but one of the most beneficial is that there is little chance for getting locked out. Read More 

What To Do When The Locks Fail On Your Car

It is never fun to get locked out of your car but if the lock gets damaged or the electric locks stop working, you may be stuck on the outside looking in. If your car is under warranty, you might be able to get a dealer to work on it but when it comes to locks, the best guy for the job is the trained locksmith. Many commercial locksmiths offer automotive services along with the other work they do so if you need a lock changed, repaired or worked on, a locksmith is a good place to start. Read More 

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Choosing A Better Safe

I have always loved to hunt, which is one of the reasons that I have invested in a great gun safe. I didn't used to have a safe, which caused safety concerns with our children. I knew that I wanted to find a safe that would protect my kids from playing with my weapons, that would be easy to access if I needed to find a weapon fast, and that would stay strong for the long haul. After talking with some professional safe and key experts, I was able to find the perfect addition to our home. This blog is all about choosing an excellent safe for your place.


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