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Is Keyless Entry A Smart Choice For Your Home?

Many homeowners have made the switch from manual lock and keys to keyless entry. However, some homeowners have been hesitant to give up their keys because they are unsure if keyless entry is right for their home. If you are on the fence about your home's security, here is what you need to know.

Why Should You Choose Keyless Entry?

Keyless entry has several advantages over a manual lock and key, but one of the most beneficial is that there is little chance for getting locked out. Unlike a manual lock which requires you to keep up with a key, the keyless entry only involves entering your PIN code. This means that there are no copies of your home's keys floating around that have been lost by you and your family.

You should also consider keyless entry because it gives access to your friends and family without the need for you to be there. For instance, if you are away on a trip and a family member arrives unexpectedly, he or she will not be stuck having to find other accommodations. He or she can enter the provided code and safely stay in your home.

Keyless entry even offers more security than a manual lock and key. If someone must move out of your home and you do not want him or her to regain entry, you must change out your manual lock and key for a new one. With keyless entry, you can update your PIN code from the keypad within minutes. You never need to worry about the person having easy access.

What Should You Remember When Buying a Keyless Entry System?

There are several different models of keyless entry systems that are available for homeowners. You can narrow down your choices through various factors.

For instance, you want a keyless entry system that is compatible with other security software you are using on your property. Some systems have apps that you can use to connect them to other software. Simple steps, such as checking to see if the doors are secured, could be accomplished with the help of the software.

You also should consider what happens if there is a power outage. Some systems offer the use of batteries as a backup source if there is no electricity. If you do opt for such a system, be sure to regularly check the battery's power.

Consult with your locksmith, such as from AMPM Locksmith, to further explore the use of keyless entry in your home. 

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