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How Do You Get Into A Car Trunk That Won't Open?

Sometimes it happens. You arrive home from shopping and step out of your car. You try to open your trunk to get your groceries out; nothing. The trunk door just won't open. What do you do now? Your car trunk can get stuck, you can lose your key or the lock may be broken.

From Outside

The first step is to try opening the trunk using your trunk remote if you have one. If it still won't open, try opening it manually using the trunk key. Wiggle it clockwise and anti-clockwise, while pushing it in.

From Inside

If you can't open the car trunk from outside, try opening it from inside. Most modern cars are fitted with an emergency trunk release mechanism. Locate this mechanism in your car. It could be a lever or a button near the wheel well or on the sides of the trunk, for a minivan. For a sedan, check the area around the trunk latch from inside or the glove compartment. You will have to crawl into the trunk through the space between your back seats or have the seats lowered, if possible. Note that the release button in your glove compartment may only work when the ignition is turned on.

Release the emergency lever or push the button. The trunk should pop open. Check the latch for any broken parts or bent screws. If the parts are broken, get a locksmith to have the latch repaired or replaced. Test the latch to ensure it is working properly. Spray compressed air on the latch to remove debris.

Lubricate hinges using lubricating oil. Turn the latchkey several times in opening and closing motions. This will allow the oil to reach the parts. Add lithium grease on the parts.

Call a Locksmith

The procedures above may not always work. You may find, for example, that you cannot access your trunk through the backseat. This may be because there is no space between the seats, or the space may be too narrow to let you through.

Your trunk may also be full, making it impossible to reach the latch. Or you may even be unable to open the car because the key is locked inside!

If your trunk door is jammed and you've tried the key and the remote, your car's emergency trunk release mechanism should be able to sort you out. If all else fails, don't damage your car, call a locksmith instead. A key replacement is a good option for locks that are jammed or keys that are missing. 

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