Choosing A Better Safe

Tips For 24-Hour Home Security

Home security is something that's always on a homeowner's mind. It's one thing to have good security when you're awake and at home; late night intrusions are harder to prevent. Here are a few tips from about how to ensure that your home will remain intruder free at any hour of the day.   

Get a big dog

Dogs usually protect your house, since they are territorial and when they feel any danger, they also feel the urge to react. Still, you don't necessarily have to own a protection dog. It is important for you to hear him at night if someone comes intruding in your house. And because usually thieves use the front door, you should have it well locked, a deadbolt double lock might do the job. Thus, you can safely leave office or your house and rest assured that no danger will occur.  

Make sure that your doors and windows are locked

Do not leave your property unsecured, without making sure that every means of access is well locked. Thieves take advantage of this vulnerability and come barging when they see an open door or window.  

Rekey your locks

From time to time, it's better to be safe than sorry and to change the locks or rekey your locks. It might sound paranoid, but even if you trust somebody from work, that should not stop you from rekeying your locks.  

Fix broken locks

Another opportunity to change your locks is when they are broken. Do not leave them hanging, because you become vulnerable to burglars. Also, when leaving home for a longer while, try not to post the news on social media. Do not let anyone from the outside know that you will be missing for days and that your house is clear. You never know how you accepted the online friendship of someone living across the street and who is actually a thief.  

Always count on your locksmith professional

Your locksmith professional can help you even when you encounter an emergency, in the middle of the night. He can also help you with some good advice on how to protect your house. You will have the support you need and thus be able to leave for a vacation without worrying that you might get robbed while you are away.

Speak with a residential locksmith for more help with keeping your home secure during the day and night.

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Choosing A Better Safe

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