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Common Problems Your Home's Locks May Encounter

Your home's doors and windows are likely protected with locks that can allow you to secure these entrances. However, your locks are not indestructible devices, and they can experience a number of problems that may render them incapable of effectively meeting your security needs.

Snow And Ice Accumulating In The Lock

Individuals will often greatly underestimate the impact that the weather can have on their locks. In particular, winter weather can be somewhat problematic for locks. During blizzards and other periods of intense winter weather, it can be possible for snow and ice to be blown into the lock through the keyhole. Once inside the lock, this snow and ice can become compacted, which may prevent the lock from being able to function when you insert your key into it. To avoid damaging the lock, you will want to thaw the lock rather than attempt to force your key into it. You can prevent this problem in the future by invest in a lock cover, which is a simple device that can cover the keyhole to prevent snow and ice from blowing into it.

Loose Faceplate Or Lock Chamber

If your locks start to become loose, their ability to secure the home will be severely reduced. Unfortunately, locks can gradually loosen over time due to regular use. Whenever a homeowner finds that the faceplates of their locks are starting to come loose, using a screwdriver to tighten them can help to resecure the lock. Unfortunately, you may find that this gradually loses effectiveness due to the screw holes becoming stripped. In these situations, you may want to have a contractor reset the entire locking mechanism so that it can use new holes for the screws.

Broken Or Warped Lock Pins

The internal mechanisms of a lock are highly complicated, and they typically involve a series of pins that match the grooves in the key. Unfortunately, these pins can become damaged over time. Warping and breaking are among the more common problems that these mechanisms will experience, and they can prevent your key from being able to turn the lock. Often, this problem will start as the key having difficulty turning the lock. However, it can eventually reach a point where the key is no longer able to turn the lock at all. Due to the difficulty of reaching these pins, it is often more affordable to simply replace the entire lock rather than to attempt to repair it, but a locksmith will need to inspect the lock to determine the appropriate repairs.

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