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Four Benefits Of Lock Rekeying

Your locks are the first and last line of defense for your home, and when they are not secure, you are at a greatly increased risk of suffering from a break-in or burglary. Rekeying your locks is the process of changing the inner mechanical cylinder of your locks, which means that an entirely new key will have to be used to open it. However, rekeying means that your locks do not have to be taken out. Instead, only a new key will have to be cut. This distinctive method of updating your home's locks comes with a few serious benefits.

Improved Security

The first and most relevant benefit to rekeying your locks is that it improves the security of your home in the event that someone else has the key to your lock. Rekeying will prevent anyone who happens upon an old key (or old tenants or renters) from being able to unlock your doors and gain access to your property, which makes them an important thing to do as soon as you move into a new home or whenever you have reason to think that someone else has a key.

Single Key

One of the major, but also often overlooked, benefits of having your locks rekeyed is that doing so allows you to reduce the size of your keychain by making all of your locks work off of the same key. This helps reduce the risk of you accidentally getting locked out while maintaining the same level of security in your home, as all of your existing locks stay in place.


Another thing to note about choosing to rekey your locks instead of replacing them in the event that you lose a key or are moving into a new home that rekeying is a much more affordable process, especially if you have to have your entire home rekeyed. This is because the labor associated with changing the pins of your lock does not require the locks to be removed from your door and because there are no material costs associated with the rekeying process.

Aesthetic Considerations

Having your locks rekeyed instead of replaced also allows you to maintain the current appearance of your doors within your home. This is important if you like the current locks that you have installed, but you want to update the security features of your property – especially for older homes that may have models and colors of locks that are no longer made.

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