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Why Does Your Building Need A Commercial Access Control System?

Gone are the days when traditional locks and keys were the primary means of controlling access into any building. Thanks to technological advancements, the market now offers commercial access control systems with advanced security features. Discussed below are the reasons you need to invest in a commercial access control system.

Easy to Use

Commercial access control systems might sound difficult to operate. But this is not the case because a card or biometric identification is all it takes to gain entry.

Such convenience makes access control systems better than keys that usually get lost, forcing you to change the locks to prevent unauthorized access. It is also easy to duplicate keys, a weak point that anyone with bad intentions can take advantage of.

An access control system offers a solution to such issues. If the card gets lost, all you need to do is delete it from the system and generate a new one. That way, you never have to worry about someone out there using the lost card to enter your building. If you happen to lay off some of your staff, you can deactivate their entry cards as well.

Controlled Access

As the name suggests, a commercial access control system can help you regulate entry to any given area. You can even set the system to only grant access during specific times. Such controlled access guarantees you that only authorized personnel can enter a given space at a time of your choosing. This can be of great benefit if your commercial building houses various organizations occupying a big office block.


Apart from controlled access, these systems can help you identify who accessed a given area of your commercial building at any given time. If something valuable is missing, the system can help you know people who accessed the room recently. With such evidence, you can easily identify the culprit and easily solve the matter.

Integration With Alarm Systems

You will be happy to know that commercial access control systems can be integrated with security alarms. In the unlikely event of an intrusion, the system will trigger the alarm, enabling you to call law enforcement officers immediately. As a result, the intruder will be under arrest even before they know it.

Commercial access control systems offer many benefits. They are an easy-to-use means of controlling entry to your building. They also help identify who was in a certain area at a particular time. Lastly, they are easy to integrate with security alarms, ensuring an intrusion never goes unnoticed.

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